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Illusion of a Child ! All items are selling at our ebay stores:


US ebay store click here : Gardenbesttoy

UK ebay store click here : Besttoychannel





How to shop from us directly ?
Our web shopping cart is under constructing...
Please donot shop via our website shopping cart

(1) If you like some items
Please purchase from our ebay stores directly

(2) Or if you donot like ebay and save 20% than ebay
please email to me directly at topminitoy@gmail.com
After, I will send a payoneer payment email directly to your email box
please follow the payoneer's email to process order payment

(3) Payoneer online payment is popular 
it is secure as same as Paypal and supports any Cards payment
Learn more https://www.payoneer.com


Any question please email us at topminitoy@gmail.com


  • All Toys Price in US Dollar

All Price has been encluded Fedex fee already. FEDEX Express to Almost Worldwide fast within 14 working days

  • Flymars Hunting Slingshot & Mini crossbow Delivery

Gets shipped from our factory warehouse in China, we spend quite some time to analyse to which countries I can send
I will make sure you will have the best possible customer experience, this is the result of full and extensive research as well as test deliveries. 
If you have any questions about shipping contact us via email at topminitoy@gmail.com, we will inquire our Fedex and email back to you.

  • We need your shipping address in English

Please contains postcode and your phone number, Fedex parcels will be arrived in your address within 7-14 working days
Your local Fedex sender will call you as soon as parcels arrives in your city and dispathes parcels to you directly.

Welcome to shop !
All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.
If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you ! 


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