4-Dots Aiming Manual Slingshot 4 Dots Points to that Unique Aiming Line Deluxe
Firstly, Keeps the two Horizontal Pointer which are located at releaser are align left and right,
so, Releaser and Front-Slingshot are both being in a straight line,
at this moment it means, the ball trajectory has been locked. then,
amming 4 Dots points to the target directly.
to stable pose, hitting target down at 95% ratio when targets is within 25 meters.
this is very important benefit for a new player about slingshot sporting.
for over 25 meters targets, needs more trainning personally so you will know more about the features of slingshot devices.
Four Dots and Horizontal Pointer, it is most major features from this devices.
it makes out and keeps an unique aiming line.
Releaser liberates Fingers, have a relaxing slingshot sporting.
None devices else that is more relaxing than this.
Be special for the new slingshot players
Rubber band bow head width: 23mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Outer bow: 118mm Inner bow: 72mm Bow length: 251mm
Bow weight: 496g  wrist support weight: 100g
Spreader weight: 208g
Total Weight: 804g ( entire slingshot weight )
Order sending by One Fedex express parcel
Package Includes:
  1 * 4-Dots Aiming Manual Slingshot
  5 * Flat Rubber Bands
Watch Youtube HD Video: https://youtu.be/JFfLDli7Sjo
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4-Dots Aiming Manual Slingshot 4 Dots Points to that Unique Aiming Line New 2020
USD $ 75.00

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