Flymars 1275 Hunting Slingshot Rifle Rod Diameter 12MM Power 75CM


Major Features:

(1) Double Button Safety Devices

(2) Unique Arc Releaser

(3) Power adjustable

(4) Built-in magnet for ball easy taking

(5) Twin rods diameter 12mm



Supports max 4 Strips of round band or Flat bands

Fork is Quick Flatband exchange

The rubber band Pulling distance is adjustable

Fits to any size rubber bands you have already

#7075 Aviation aluminum material

Net Weight 1.9 kg


Order sending by 2 separate Fedex Express parcels

Total 2 parcels Not 1 Parcel

This item do not have any Scope or Laser


Package Includes:

    1 * Flymars 1275 Rods 12mm Power 750mm

    1 * Tool kit

    3 * High-Speed Rubber round Bandset

    3 * Flat Bandset


Color Options:

Black and silvery are available

The default color is Black color

Please leave a message if you special other color


Watch Youtube Play Video:


The best steel ball is from 9 to 13.5MM steel ball

when target is over 25 meters, 12mm ball is the best

Distance is less 25 meters, 10mm ball is good

for actual hunting purpose in the junle

Try get quality class is at G10 or G100 steel ball for more accurate hunting



The shipping way is by Global FEDEX Express delivery service from China ( 7 to 10 days shipping time )

Relaxing tracks package in transit in real time at courier's website

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


Welcome to shop !

All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Flymars 1275 Hunting Slingshot Rifle Rod Diameter 12MM Power 75CM
USD $ 312.00

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