Flymars Quality Slingshot Slingshot Releaser Full #304 Stainless Steel
This trigger/release is machined from the quality #304 stainless steel throughout.
It comes pre-assembled and drilled with eight M3 Allen headed set screws, 4 x 16mm and 4 x 40mm with nut.
It is a total of 75mm long, and 25mm wide. The trigger itself protrudes 62mm below the body of the main plate.
It has a fairly light pull to release. When open the 26mm high pillars open to a gap of just over 18mm.
can shoot 16mm ball bearings and 17mm paintballs but not 19mm ball bearings.
The best matched ball is 8 to 12mm balls we suggest.
when bad weather with big wind, better for using heavy ball, in good weather using 8mm or 10mm balls.

Package Includes:
    1 * Slingshot Releaser
    1 * Tool kit

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Not Economy Int'l Shipping.

Using Manual :
(1) Install & adjust laser sighting or mechanical sight rightly
(2) keep every pellet reloaded in the same location point on releaser
(3) Measuring possible wind speed and target distance by your experience.
(4) Comparing Impact point against your aim point
(5) Readjust aim point after you change the rubber bands
(6) Slingshot Sniper comes from a good training
Post-Sales Service :
We are professional slingshot manufacturer,
when you receive packages if you have any question about products and installtion,
please be priority to email us and we will slove any issues to you within 36-48 hours.
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All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.
If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Flymars Quality Slingshot Slingshot Releaser Full #304 Stainless Steel
USD $ 28.00

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