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Automatic Self Loading Repeating Compound Bow Magazine 7 Arrows

Comes 2 limbs, one is 40LBS, one is 50LBS.


Continuous Shoots, Available for left hand or right hand play

Main Body material:

High Hardness Nylon mixed with Carbon fiber and Glass fiber

Material is super tough and high hardness, it is Not a plastic

Note 1:

For the fastest repeating shooting, this original bow is 40LBS power

But the strong bow's main body,

it can support other max 150lbs limbs if you can reload it by double hands

If you will use your own limbs, supports the max width is 16MM limbs

Note 2:

This is a world Fastest Repeating Compound Bow

please be noted it is not a xbow even it looks liking to be

it has unique design arrow reloading and shooting system

that is for the fastest firing rate which depends on how quick you can operate it

40lbs limbs is suitable for most people reaching a high shooting rate.

if you are super hands strength, you can try to apply 50-60lbs limbs,

but when limbs is over 60lbs, it will be very hard to shoot in a high firing rate

Everything is on speed

Max firing rate 7 arrows by 3 seconds for skilled shooters

refitting sharp the arrow's metal tips, it will get a more high energy to targets

Size: 43X41x17CM Net weight 1090g

Magazine capacity 7 arrows


Order Delivery by 2 separate Fedex Express parcels

Total 2 parcels Not 1 parcel

This ebay item do not include any scope or laser


Package Includes:

   1 * World Fastest Repeating Compound Bow 7 Arrows Magazine

         Available for left hand or right hand play

   1 *  Carbon-steel Limb 40LBS

   1 *  Carbon-steel Limb 50LBS

  12 * Arrows


Watch Play Youtube video: 
Full installation video: 


Assembly Required:

Product is SKD units, be ready to install by yourself

There is not papery manual booklet inside parcel

We provide youtube video comes easy installation for you


it supports to play Sharp multi edges Arrow

This ebay item don't include this type of knife-arrow

shopping knife-arrow by this ebay item:



Delivery to UK, USA, KOR, MEX, AUS,CAN,JPN,GER,ITA,FRA,INA,IND,VIE,PHI Almost worldwide:

The shipping way is by Global Fedex Express delivery service from China ( 7 to 14 business days)

Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


After sales service

We are professional manufacturer

when you receive packages if you have any question about products and installtion,

please be priority to email us and we will slove any issues to you within 36-48 hours.


Welcome to shop !

All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Automatic Self Loading Repeating Compound Bow Magazine 7 Arrows 40 and 50 LBS
Repeating Crossbow
USD $ 260.00

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