A Magazine only for Archery Automatic Self Loading Repeating Compound Bow 6 arrow Rapid Shoot


This ebay item is only just for magazine of Archery Automatic Self Loading

Not a competed compound bow.



Magazine Capacity: 6 arrows

Magazine total lenght 80CM

Need to use unique carbon arrow

Carbon Arrow total length is 60CM

Much more long arrow than other

Long arrow comes more higher shooting accuracy at a long range


After you contorl the shooting skill.

Within 10 seconds

More easier and much more faster to shoot 6 arrows out

Be able to take down your targets quickly and efficiently by 6 arrows



(1) The side base of magazine and trigger

it is #7075 aviation aluminum alloy, tough

(2) the rest of shell is High strength nylon

(3) Mounting Bracket is metal,

fits to mount on most main body of compound bow

comes with wheels to get a smooth magazine movement


This ebay item is for a Magazine only

Do not include a compound bow


Package Includes:

  1 * Magazine of Archery Automatic Self Loading

        Magazine Capacity 6 arrows

  1 * Mounting Bracket

        Bracket is tiny adjustable, Fits to different bow

  6 * Carbon Arrows length 60CM


Watch Youtube Video:


Important Notes:

Fits to Right-hand player, means:

your left hand hold compound bow,

your right hand pull the magazine out ( bend bow )

This ebay item do not include a compound bow

This magazine only use the special arrow which has an unique tail

please do not use other arrow.

Only fits to single bowstring compound bow


More buying options:

(1) if you do not have a compound bow yet.

check here to buy the FULL set of Automatic Self Loading Repeating Compound Bow

(2) Buy Extra 60CM carbon arrows by here:


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Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


After sales service

We are professional manufacturer

when you receive packages if you have any question about products and installation,

please be priority to email us and we will solve any issues to you within 36-48 hours.


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If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Magazine for Archery Automatic Self Loading 6 arrow Rapid Shooting Magazine only
USD $ 158.00

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