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Rubber Bands+Compound Bow Repeating Rapid Shoot 40 Balls Automatic Self Loading

New Created in the Summer of 2023


Say good bye to the boring single shot

Say good bye to the expensive bowstring

You decide any power in the best

Apply 1 or 2 rubber strips, Fits to Kids play, Best Toy

Entire Bow net weight 2.5KG

Apply all 8 strips can be for small hunting



Power by round rubber bandsets

Max support 8 strips of rubber bands.

when apply all 8 strips, energy is 80LBS

when apply all 4 strips, energy is 40LBS

Depends on how power and numbers of bandsets you like to apply

Apply super rubber bands, power can be over 100LBS

When disassemble magazine.

it became a shooting mini arrow Archery compound bow.



Dexterity = Left Right Hand

Bow Limbs = Round Rubber Bandset

Ball magazine length = 75CM

Draw Length = 60CM

Bow Material = Full Steel metal

Magazine Material = Aviation aluminum alloy

Magazine bracket = metal with wheels for smooth movement

Bow Size = 75X50X28CM

Draw Weight = 10-120 lbs

(adjustable by numbers of rubber bands)

Net weight: 2.5KG ( with bow and magazine )

Ammo = 8mm steel ball or mini arrow

Support 8MM steel ball only, or any ball diameter is 8MM

Supports Dry-fires


Suitable For = small hunting garden relaxing shooting

Reduce pressure = Fury burst shooting for 40 balls in one minute

Compact bow enough for garden, home, office Plays or small bow Hunting


Order sending by 2 separate Fedex Express parcels

This item do not have any Scope or Laser


Package Includes:

    1 * Rubber Bands-Compound Bow

1 * Magazine 40 Balls Automatic Self Loading

    2 * Rubber Bandsets


Watch Play video:



The rubber band bowstring

its elasticity is much more high than a fiber bowstring

even we make a bowstring stopping-bar on the bow

but it is not enough

So, to avoid the bowstring hit and hurt your forearm

please use small rope to make a net to here

to get best protection for the hand which hold bow

if bow is special for kids play, must make this rope-net



If your wrist of hand which you hold the bow that swings out a little bit. means your wrist is little curvy.

rubber band bowstring will not hit your forearm

(2) if your wrist is very straight, bowsting will hit your forearm

so, need to make a similar net on there to enhance.

(3) when use 2 strips rubber bands power, play 8MM steel ball.

the initial speed is 160FPS

if you will apply all 8 strips of rubber band, it will super power.

need and must make such a rope-net on there.

This is very very important thing.



The shipping way is by Global FEDEX Express delivery service from China ( 8 to 15 business days)

Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


After sales service

We are professional manufacturer

when you receive packages if you have any question about products and installation,

please be priority to email us and we will solve any issues to you within 36-48 hours.


Welcome to shop !

All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Rubber Bands+Compound Bow Repeating Rapid Shoot 40 Balls Automatic Self Loading
USD $ 248.00

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