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Shotgun-Compound Bow One shot launch Mass of steel balls Home Defense Farm Protection Arrow Ball

Plays Ammos:
Short Darts
Steel Ball ( 4mm-14MM )
Long standard Carbon Arrow ( when you donot use magazine )
Paintball PVC Ball or other ball, Max diameter can be 23MM


(1) Short-Cup for single shot

Use for single steel ball which Diameter 9-14MM

When Play Paintball PVC Ball Or anything else Max diameter can be 23MM

(2) Long-Cup for Many Balls Shot

Use for Diameter 5-7MM steel balls

if you use 5MM steel balls, need ( must ) to put at least 10 balls

If balls number is too little, Ammo weight is too light

So for compound bow, it means to Dryfire, Not good for Bowstring

if use 8MM steel, so put approx 6 balls that is ok


Magnet is inside at the Long-Cup and short-Cup

Supports steel ball diameter from 4MM to 14MM

When play diameters is less 8MM steel ball,

it can shoot approx 15 steel balls in one round.

When single shoot, the diameters 11MM and 12MM steel ball suggested.

When play short darts ( arrow ), it is single shot.

Supports three wings darts, types are #8008 and #145



Magazine Material: Super thick aluminum alloy

Magazine size: 33.5*1.2*L6 inches

Compound Bow Power: 40-70 pounds (adjustable)

Pull distance: 25-27.5 inches

Crotch: 9.4 inches

Wheelbase: 21 inches

Bow weight: 3.9 pounds

Initial speed of steel ball: 120 m/s (6 mm steel ball)

Initial arrow speed: 96 m/s (8008 arrows)

Dimensions: 25*13.5*3.9 inches

Bow wheel: aluminum-magnesium alloy

Bow: Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Bow Limbs: high-strength bow piece

Net weight: 3.3KG


Order Delivery by Two Fedex Parcels

This item do not include any scope or laser


Package Includes:

  1 *  Shotgun-Compound Bow

  1 *  Aluminum Magazine ( Ammo launching channel )


Watch Youtube Video:
Full Installation:




(1) this item do not have any steel ball and dart, arrows.

the arrow can not shipped with Shotgun-Compound Bow together.

The darts will be sent by alone parcel to you.

Buy darts arrows by here:

Spare Bowstrings

(2) Installation:

The Magazine Rod Bracket is installed well already,

when you receive 2 parcels.

Just install bow limbs by 2 big screws and bowstring

Needn't professional Bow Press

Bowstring replacement DIY for an easy maintain in long time

Here is our own full installation video at

Or here are more youtube videos

How To Change Your Compound Bow Strings at Home No Bow Press Required

Or use small rope tool

(3) we sell Aluminum Magazine alone, but, we do not ensure it will be match to your own bow,

you need to do refit for it exactly, please be noticed about this.

if you buy magazine alone for rebuilding by you, it will be out of our regular warranty

(4) Do not supports Dryfires.

It is exact same as the standard big compound bow

Prohibit to shoot without placing a arrow or steel ball.

(5) please do not put Overloading balls into the launching channel for signle shot,

it may launch out well but it will hurt bowstring,

please refer to the suggestion as the above.


Delivery to USA, UK, AUS,CAN,JPN,GER,ITA,FRA, KOR,INA,IND,VIE,,PHI,MEX Almost worldwide:

The shipping way is by Global Fedex Express delviery service from China ( 7 to 14 business days)

Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


After sales service

We are professional manufacturer

when you receive packages if you have any question about products and installtion,

please be priority to email us and we will slove any issues to you within 36-48 hours.


Welcome to shop !

All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !  

Shotgun-Compound-Bow One shot launch Mass of Steel Balls Ammo Dart Ball Arrow
Shotgun Compound Bow
USD $ 425.00

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