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Unique NIGHT HUNTER EQUIPMENT - Night Vision and Scope Aiming All-in-one high-efficiency device


Professional equipment for Nigh Hunters by slingshot rifle.

Or for watchers to see what other people can not see in the night

All-in-one high-efficiency device

easy carry easy hiding easy operating


Zoom lens 4-21 times

Display screen 1.54 inch ( 320X320DPI)

Battery built-in 900 mA

Max night vision range: 400 Meters

also it can be used in the daytime.

max zoom in 21 times, images displayed on screen


Length: 22.5cm

Height: 11cm

Ney weight 280g

The right side of the mirror can be equipped with an infrared laser lamp.

earthquake resistance

Made of acrylic material,

light weight and strong compression resistance

How to use it on hunting slingshot rifle

There is cross star aiming line displays on the screen

cross star can be adjusted to up and down, left and right

The Detailed operating Steps:

(1) On night hunting, need not a very far distance, you can set up the distance is within 15 meters because of targets are sleeping.

(2) depends on the size of target you are going to take down in that night.

choose the appropriate target enlarged times, then, fix the lens, be never to adjust the button of lens again, you can fix the button by tape or something else.

(3) In the daytime, get a big standard papery target, keep the target at the distance 15 meters, shoot slingshot rifle by couples of time, so, you will know the ball actual contacting-point on papery target.

(4) Adjust the cross-star aiming point which on this night-vision device, let it to meet to the actual ball-contacting point.

(5) Everything is done ! now, please do not remove the scope or rubber bandsets, in that night, one shot one down, if target is very small, set up the distance is 10 meters is enough, rabbit target may 20 meters.

(6) how to adjust the cross-star, the manual, please check one photo on ebay photo gallery.

for watcher detective using

This night vision device, can zoom in target max 21 times, it means, we can watch target be 400 meters far in the mid night and target will not see you never, super privacy for home, farms defense and watching


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Package Includes:

1 * Night Vision and Scope Aiming All-in-one device


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Unique NIGHT HUNTER EQUIPMENT - Night Vision and Scope Aiming All-In-One Device
USD $ 192.00

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